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Shouguang municipal Party committee secretary Zhu Lanxi line to the investigation of the company

View: Date:2016-3-29 17:29:52

On December 21, 2015, Shouguang municipal Party committee secretary Zhu Lanxi and city leaders to our investigation and study, company chairman Chu Aileen, general manager Yu Xintang companies such as leadership, accompanied by research.

In the field of research, company chairman Zhu Ailing, general manager Yu Xintang to secretary Zhu detailed introduce the company in recent years the development of, focuses on the products, production processes, equipment, production capacity and new Sanban listing progress and listing of the development planning matters. After listening to the report on the work of, the secretary Zhu billion Jiadi Ao in the production, management and other aspects of the achieved results give fully affirmed, also asked the company in product upgrades and other Kung Fu, further expand the business results, contribute to the Shouguang City economic development.

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